Tuesday, May 18, 2010

they don't write books on how to be less awkward

In college Ja Ha once said to me, "T. you make things unnecessarily awkward." And to make matters worse, when I relayed this to my roommate, he concurred.

But it's true. You can't hide what's on the inside!

Unfortunately, moving overseas really exaggerates this characteristic in me. There have been plenty of moments where the air is just thick with an atmosphere where you really just want to squirm away from. This language barrier... Guh, let me tell you. I mean, really, when I tell you I don't speak any Korean, why do you go on for ten minutes in nothing but Korean???!?! AWKWARD.


Jared said...

hehe i like the drawing. that language barriers gota suck :( i mean, i can barely speak English! let alone have a good chat in another language :P more power to you for even trying! your doing better then most of us :)

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