Tuesday, April 12, 2011

oops sorry

I had a dream last night that I had to empty my bag for TSA... woke up to find that I had acted it out with my blanket and ended up dumping my sleeping dog on the floor. Sorry Lulu!!

This little anecdote goes here because it was too long for Twitter. Which I have now! I don't know what you do with this thing...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

movie time

Oh snow. Good grief, why must you love me so.

Anyway, watched a movie that I was slightly hesitant to sit through. I thought, "Oh no, is this going to be another indie flick that tries to be deep and disturbing under the pretense of being 'artsy'?" As a general rule I veer away from "deep" flicks. As vapid as that sounds, I am deeply sensitive enough. Watching the news can nearly bring me to tears. If I watch something sadly profound or downright violent it will stay with me for days, or even years later as something random will flash in my head.

Well, 'Girl Walks into A Bar" is nothing like that. I really enjoyed it. I'm trying to how to classify it... It's not a dark comedy, as one review says, but it is comedic. The dialogue is what really got me; it's witty and the casting was spot on. It had some quips and story twists that really had me laughing. Typical of L.A. all the women are gorgeous but I won't complain. I guess to crudely sum the movie up it's like.... Love Actually meets the L.A. nightlife. Plus, now I wish my bar experiences were like this.  OH BONUS- It's all online for free. Yay!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

i'm coming home, coming home, tell the world...

Well, I'm already back so the song lyrics are a bit outdated but whatever.

I was optimistic that I was going to avoid jet lag and the ensuing insomnia since I did catch three hours of sleep last night but alas-- here I am wide awake at 3 in the morning. I hate the first 48 hours of coming back from Asia-- they literally hurt. Not only are you sleep deprived but my stomach isn't used to Western food anymore. And it's boring as hell when you're the only one awake in an entire house. Luckily we have markets open 24 hours a day here so I might end up walking over in a few minutes.

The journey back wasn't bad at all. People were remarkably kind to me at different points.
And I love Beijing's airport! So I'm not in a terrible funk about returning to the States.
I know I should be gathering a few loose ends together so I can be ready to head out again next month but I am just too exhausted to think about it.

I am avoiding working on Visa/Job stuff so here are a few more pictures of Samui before I post about Chiang Mai.

This is called the "sleeping grandfather" rock formation. Can you guess why?
This one is awake! Haha.
Fortunes. We went to the temple of the Mummified monk. You shake a can full of sticks with numbers on them. The first one to fall out is your fortune. You find the corresponding number with a paper here. Warning--English translations rarely make sense.
I love waterfalls.