Thursday, May 26, 2011

i have loved you for almost a decade now

Cirque du Soleil's in Pittsburgh. Oh the memories of this company. Almost ten years ago I saw Quidam play here and I was hooked. I traveled around the country, sometimes even to Canada, just to catch the different shows. You know how teenagers these days go crazy for Twilight? Yeah, this was my Twilight I realize now. Ooo, it causes one to wince at one's own impetuousness from youth! But, I grew out of it as time went on and the company grew larger. I don't follow the gossip or news anymore. (Haha gossip about circus people? I know, wow I was odd. But I wasn't alone in this! That's the thing! There were other people who were MORE dedicated to this company than I was. Probably still are. Haven't kept up with them these past few years...)

I'm digressing! Totem is here in town. I enjoyed it. They've got a great location in the Strip District which overlooks the Heinz factory and warehouses and 34th Street Bridge. (Heinz like the ketchup, yes that's right. My true and steadfast love from Pittsburgh will always be you, Heinz.) Much better than when Varekai was in town. I'm sad because I've just found out Quidam will be here in October but I won't be. :C Also, Tamir, why aren't you in Alegria??!! Whaaat? (If you know what I'm talking about you also loved cirque a bit too much too.)

Sad I didn't get a shot of the Heinz columns... Taken with my Motorola Xoom!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

korea -- round 2

Looks like I'm bound for Korea again, this time I managed to score a public school job offer.

Not quite sure how to react at this point.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

and the second round commences

Well it looks like I'll be heading back to Korea.

Had my first phone interview. Err--

It just kinda confirms what I'm feeling about this second job hunt. Oh I don't want to go back. I don't want to go back! And yet that clock started ticking, the one that haunts you and says things like, "401 K... car payments.... loans..... You don't have any skills that will allow you to find a job here that pays over minimum wage..."
I mean, I'd teach in Thailand if it weren't for the crushing anxiety having debt and the urge to go back to school cause. Money! Y U MAKE WORLD GO ROUND?!?!

Burgh. BURRRR, I heard this one guy that has his own web show made 54K in a year due to revenue from the ads on his videos. Why can't I do that? Oh man.

Ah, and to answer any questions-- I'm not taking that first job I just interviewed for.  I've got standards people. So the hunt continues!