Sunday, November 27, 2011

til the countdown

Getting ready for Christmas! Y'know, so many people bah humbug it, but you know what helps? Getting away from the commercialization of it all for a year. Live overseas from October to January, it wipes the slate clean. Sure, Korea had decorations and things, but Christmas was more for lovers than a family holiday. Plus, I spent it last year by myself in Guam. So bring on the music and the movies and the lights!

But not the shopping. I am severely financially limited.

Not quite sure how to start off the holiday blogging, so before I do, I'll tell you what I watched today. Some Like it Hot with Marilyn Monroe. I figured I'd do some background research before seeing that new movie, My Week With Marilyn. I always avoided watching this particular movies of hers. I can't explain why, but it turns out I loved it! The costume student in me kinda screams at the inaccuracy of the costumes, which I would assume they would be able to reproduce better in the 1950s as it was closer TO the 1920s... but hey. Whatever. It can be overlooked. (It was mostly the hair and make-up that got to me. That is NOT how they set their pin curls in that era! Hmm.)

I love Marilyn. The poor thing had many demons, but she was smarter than most people realize. What I love was her passion for equality, which I love finding out about old Hollywood stars. Like Clark Gable, for instance.(Look that one up.) It was Marilyn who helped launch Ella Fitzgerald's career as it was Marilyn who insisted that Ella perform at a certain upscale venue. Marilyn herself promised to buy tickets for front row seats to cause a media frenzy, and it did!

"I'm just not that smart." OH SISTER, I KNOW. Musicians and artists, good grief, they are the devil.