Wednesday, July 27, 2011

i just wanna zipline all day

Crisis of career moves! Bah!

Oh to be back in Chiang Mai, zip-lining through the forest. I just want to do that for work, where can I accomplish this?

Mm, yes it is a long way to the ground.

Monday, July 25, 2011

abbagabba people in cleveland are so nice

My mother and I drove to Cleveland to visit the Botanical Garden and for dim sum. (Yes, a two hour drive just for a few har gao and shui mai.)

I was impressed by all the lovely homes and the area where all the museums is picturesque. And everyone we encountered was so pleasant! The girl at the conservatory showed us the resident chameleon. Another one gave us free food at the grocery. Sadly, you can tell it's a hard-hit city; many of the houses are abandoned and bordered up. Driving around, even in daylight, feels dicey.  Oh Cleveland, I hope you make a recovery.

I did love the Costa Rica exhibit best; however I was terrified of the thousands of butterflies fluttering freely everywhere. I don't care if it is pretty, a bug is a bug.
The outside gardens were also fabulous. But as we are in the midst of a heat wave I did not spend much time walking around them to snap a lot of pictures.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

ella ey ey

While I was in Chiang Mai I made a trip to Borsang, which is a village that makes handcrafted paper umbrellas. I loved it; I wish that I had been allowed to take pictures of the process, but I think they want to keep their process secret. So I shipped them home and they just arrived!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

oh what is the next course to take

So I have decided from returning to Korea for the moment. Which means I am back to where I was over a year ago, before I left.

Quarter-life crisis, you suck!

Oh, to become a pastry chef is a dream, but I have pursued an art related degree before, and I did not follow it. Now I am thinking of doomsday scenarios, with the threat of the collapse of our economy, what would be safe to go to school for? People's lives will need saving- medicine. People die too- mortician. People will always pay money for taxes, etc- accounting. None of these things really sound like something I could do.

Still thinking!

Anyway, I'm going to blog more, I've decided. I'm an artist! I must do something with this! To make up for lost time--

I can make bunnies out of bread for Easter.

Friday, July 1, 2011

stop and take time to think

Hey sorry for the dry spell; I've been living high and dry without daily access to the internet. Which is better for me than I take granted, I suppose.

Just came back from the annual antique car show they hold across the street! Super fun! I've set a goal for myself to one day purchase and refurbish a 60s convertible. Great place to start learning. Just wish it didn't make me feel so... Republican. I dunno, just a vibe I picked up on there. Then again, I was walking around a church parking lot. Gotta leave the judgy judge boots at home.

OH! But hey now I've reached a point in life where it makes me feel awkward as all hell when young teenagers hit on me! Woah! In my mind I'm just thinking, "Oh dear, I am nearing my late twenties, what do you think you are doing. Do you need help with your letterman's jacket fundraising or something?"

Either they are super ballsy kids these days or I look young. Eh. Makes me laugh. Sorry kids, I'm totally not into the cougar thing, okay!

Oh and ps-- might not be going to Korea. Will elaborate later.