Friday, July 1, 2011

stop and take time to think

Hey sorry for the dry spell; I've been living high and dry without daily access to the internet. Which is better for me than I take granted, I suppose.

Just came back from the annual antique car show they hold across the street! Super fun! I've set a goal for myself to one day purchase and refurbish a 60s convertible. Great place to start learning. Just wish it didn't make me feel so... Republican. I dunno, just a vibe I picked up on there. Then again, I was walking around a church parking lot. Gotta leave the judgy judge boots at home.

OH! But hey now I've reached a point in life where it makes me feel awkward as all hell when young teenagers hit on me! Woah! In my mind I'm just thinking, "Oh dear, I am nearing my late twenties, what do you think you are doing. Do you need help with your letterman's jacket fundraising or something?"

Either they are super ballsy kids these days or I look young. Eh. Makes me laugh. Sorry kids, I'm totally not into the cougar thing, okay!

Oh and ps-- might not be going to Korea. Will elaborate later.


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