Thursday, July 14, 2011

oh what is the next course to take

So I have decided from returning to Korea for the moment. Which means I am back to where I was over a year ago, before I left.

Quarter-life crisis, you suck!

Oh, to become a pastry chef is a dream, but I have pursued an art related degree before, and I did not follow it. Now I am thinking of doomsday scenarios, with the threat of the collapse of our economy, what would be safe to go to school for? People's lives will need saving- medicine. People die too- mortician. People will always pay money for taxes, etc- accounting. None of these things really sound like something I could do.

Still thinking!

Anyway, I'm going to blog more, I've decided. I'm an artist! I must do something with this! To make up for lost time--

I can make bunnies out of bread for Easter.


Jared said...

looks yummy!
keep making work, keep the passion in any context you can.

"great art comes from great sacrifice."
"running water never goes stale."

these two quotes serve me well thus far :)

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