Monday, October 31, 2011

happy halloween!

So finally, it's the big day, my favorite holiday!! Luckily I have the day off so I'm just going to watch scary movies and cook the creepy recipes from the holiday magazines I collected. Usually I have a great weekend along with the holiday, but I suppose everyone's going to have an off year sometime. So I'm going to reminisce about Halloweens past!

There was my first year in college, where I went on a haunted walking tour and won a night in a haunted hotel room by myself!! It was beautiful, but nothing happened.
Another year and I went to Disneyland for their Halloween celebrations.
There was another year where I threw a fantastic Halloween party at my apartment!!
The following year, same place same party. But with way better food and David Bowie!!
Another year found me working in a costume store for Halloween. The best thing about was getting to dress up to work everyday. Fun job.
Then of course last year I was in Korea and it was loads of fun. My kids dressed up, their was a party everyday, and the night out was super fun. Although I was Katy Perry, most Koreans thought I was Lady Gaga haha.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

zuul, zuuuuuul

My bakery is awesome, don't get me wrong. But I had to grab one and show you one of our Halloween cupcakes.

It's supposed to be a spider, but my coworker Cleveland said, "Psh, a spider with 6 legs!" I thought it looked more like this:

Haha! The pumpkins and ghosts ones are way cuter, trust me. Also I got my jack-o-lanterns carved. I carved a skull, Ghostbusters logo, and the pumpkin from Plants vs. Zombies.

Monday, October 24, 2011

perfect for the season

So I'm noticing the latest trend for fashion is a Mid-west/Pacific Native American look, which I am super stoked for. I walked by Forever 21 yesterday and I had to restrain myself from buying everything with a tribal print on it. I have loved the look for years, so though I love this trend I'm a bit sad since it IS a trend. But it makes me feel like living this daydream I have of going out West for a few weeks, to somewhere like Montana or Colorado, and staying on a ranch or in a cabin. I've been a city girl for a long time, so is it really an odd fantasy to live the life I've never experienced? Don't go trying to knock reality in my head about the harshness of life out there, I get it, I get it. It's just a daydream, after-all.

Speaking of Native American influences, time to tie in this post to Halloween! Know what one of my most favorite scary movies is? The Shining!

I admit to this being my favorite Stephen King book. It was the first to give me a nightmare. However, I admit to hating the Stanley Kubrick movie at first. AT FIRST. But then, if you look at it as it's own entity, it's enthralling. It's disturbing and claustrophobic, and the cinematography is perfect. The scenes where Danny is pedaling through the halls? My god, I can't think of anything more distressing to watch. You know something bad is coming, but when? Where is it? And even if you know Jack Nicholson is going to be the ultimate bad guy, he's so good at it you aren't disappointed in the end. And seeing as Kubrick filmed this movie so meticulously, there's always new details to find. The Native American influences seemed to be hidden and yet in your face the entire film.
So if you've never seen it, my number one pick for a Halloween movie night is Kubrick's The Shining.

Thanks to for the screencaps.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

100 posts!

Oh wow, I didn't realize I've posted 100 times here already!

Too bad nothing special was planned to blog about. Just Halloween decorations around the house! It's getting closer to my favorite holiday! To save on money I just cut out silhouettes out of paper. Also, I missed my Spookytown collection back in Korea. It's so nice to see them again!

Monday, October 10, 2011

driving through 4 counties

Today's my day off, so Mom and I hit the road for a fall scenic drive. We headed towards Amish country to see the leaves and find a pumpkin patch.

(By the way, in elementary school we learned the differences between the Amish, Quakers, and Mennonites. Yes, apparently this was worth knowing as a child. Can I remember the differences now? No. If I was a better blogger I would have googled it before typing up my entry, yet I won't. So go, learn for yourselves! Also, the one thing I remember from those lessons was how to churn butter. Yes! Pennsylvanian education for the win!)

We passed through some cute towns and drove down some lovely windy roads. My favorite stop was a Amish craft town called Volant Mills. Back in the day you would have to buy Beanie Babies here. Remember those days?