Monday, October 10, 2011

driving through 4 counties

Today's my day off, so Mom and I hit the road for a fall scenic drive. We headed towards Amish country to see the leaves and find a pumpkin patch.

(By the way, in elementary school we learned the differences between the Amish, Quakers, and Mennonites. Yes, apparently this was worth knowing as a child. Can I remember the differences now? No. If I was a better blogger I would have googled it before typing up my entry, yet I won't. So go, learn for yourselves! Also, the one thing I remember from those lessons was how to churn butter. Yes! Pennsylvanian education for the win!)

We passed through some cute towns and drove down some lovely windy roads. My favorite stop was a Amish craft town called Volant Mills. Back in the day you would have to buy Beanie Babies here. Remember those days?


Jared said...

you know for as much as i cant stand the ppl of central PA were i grew up. PA is pretty state, i miss the fall colors. :(
your blog makes PA seem better then i remember it to be.

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