Monday, October 31, 2011

happy halloween!

So finally, it's the big day, my favorite holiday!! Luckily I have the day off so I'm just going to watch scary movies and cook the creepy recipes from the holiday magazines I collected. Usually I have a great weekend along with the holiday, but I suppose everyone's going to have an off year sometime. So I'm going to reminisce about Halloweens past!

There was my first year in college, where I went on a haunted walking tour and won a night in a haunted hotel room by myself!! It was beautiful, but nothing happened.
Another year and I went to Disneyland for their Halloween celebrations.
There was another year where I threw a fantastic Halloween party at my apartment!!
The following year, same place same party. But with way better food and David Bowie!!
Another year found me working in a costume store for Halloween. The best thing about was getting to dress up to work everyday. Fun job.
Then of course last year I was in Korea and it was loads of fun. My kids dressed up, their was a party everyday, and the night out was super fun. Although I was Katy Perry, most Koreans thought I was Lady Gaga haha.


Jared said...

hey i worked with the guy in the David Bowie wig!
at cineamtico. man... cant remember his name. dave... mike or matt! haha one of them. so bad with names.

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