Tuesday, April 5, 2011

movie time

Oh snow. Good grief, why must you love me so.

Anyway, watched a movie that I was slightly hesitant to sit through. I thought, "Oh no, is this going to be another indie flick that tries to be deep and disturbing under the pretense of being 'artsy'?" As a general rule I veer away from "deep" flicks. As vapid as that sounds, I am deeply sensitive enough. Watching the news can nearly bring me to tears. If I watch something sadly profound or downright violent it will stay with me for days, or even years later as something random will flash in my head.

Well, 'Girl Walks into A Bar" is nothing like that. I really enjoyed it. I'm trying to how to classify it... It's not a dark comedy, as one review says, but it is comedic. The dialogue is what really got me; it's witty and the casting was spot on. It had some quips and story twists that really had me laughing. Typical of L.A. all the women are gorgeous but I won't complain. I guess to crudely sum the movie up it's like.... Love Actually meets the L.A. nightlife. Plus, now I wish my bar experiences were like this.  OH BONUS- It's all online for free. Yay!


Jared said...

Oooh this look fun :)
not all Indy films are crap, well most American ones are, but alot of the stuff made over seas are really strong films.

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