Monday, May 31, 2010

it's something you read about

...but you never really see it.

So before I came to Korea, I did all this research and one of the funny things they said was that people who are sitting will grab the bag of someone standing up and hold it on their lap.

Well, I've only ever seen this once in my three months of living here. But today as I was coming home from shopping today a man just grabbed it out of my hands and held it. And I was just like... *0.o*

Oh, I wish I could speak more Korean! All I said was 'Kamsahmnida' and when it was my turn to get off I honestly had no clue what the protocol was for getting it back. Just awkwardly looked at him... soo.... yaaaaahhhhhhh. Haha, awesome times.


Anonymous said...

That's very strange LOL. I can't believe you've been there 3 months already!

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