Wednesday, May 19, 2010

can i tell you a secret?

You know what I just realized tonight?

I am happy.

There have been a lot of sad times lately, and yes, I have been sad. And I've grieved.

But I just realized that my life right now is great. So much better than before. I have a job I like, people that make me laugh are around me, I'm pursuing a dream I've always had and as long as I keep my focus, I can attain it. I'm in a position a hell of a lot better than many other people that I know. There is nothing more that I want right now.

There is nothing better than this. And times will probably get rough again, but I've realized something else.

I accept that I can't stop feeling some things. But what I can do is let it go. Just let things go.

I may not be deliriously and utterly happy, but I am happy. And content.


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