Friday, May 14, 2010

teacher's day is awesome day

Wow. I actually got gifts today. And they are really nice! I received Dior lip gloss. I love Dior make-up. I swear by their foundation.

Plus I got lipsticks and powders from Este Lauder and Lancome. Oh my goodness.

More traditional gifts were boxes of Ginseng tonic and homemade style cookies. I've never had ginseng before so we'll see if I can get it down. A bit of a strange one was a toothbrush UV light sterilizer. Hm. What will they think of next.

I go by my first name at work, and some students and mothers tried their best to spell my name. (It is an unusal name, to be fair.) This was my favourite effort.

So now we have Spoon Teacher.

Some mothers wrote me letters and they are the best gift of all. I think this one is going to pull me through the really hard times here:


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