Thursday, February 24, 2011

singing in the rain

Today I'm off to watch my kids graduate. I'm nervous/excited.

Anyway, to take my mind off of it I watched 'Singing in the Rain' last night. I'm sure everyone knows that song, but I've never seen the movie that it's in. Well, I really enjoyed it! I'm in love with Gene Kelly I've decided. Also, he's from Pittsburgh which I don't think I knew, but yet when I read it this morning I wasn't surprised. I can sort of recall seeing his name in signs in the Cultural District, but I never thought twice about it. So, even though that town bred a lot of losers, I'm going to get rid of that chip on my shoulder just because it gave us someone as awesome as Gene Kelly!

Another reason why this movie is awesome: They riff a terrible movie in it. And Debbie Reynolds is super cute! I want her hair in this movie, but then again it seems like too much commitment. We'll see.


Jared said...

God i love his movies!
you should look up Fred Astaire

he is no ware near as charming as Gene Kelly, but he is a great dancer!

other little known fact, Michal Jackson got Smooth Criminal form Fred Astaire's The Band Wagon :)
enjoy :)

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