Saturday, February 5, 2011

seomyeon salsa

I lied. I don't have snowboarding pictures yet. But I will post what we did last night-- Korean salsa!

I have salsa danced in San Francisco, but I'll tell you what-- I was pretty intimidated here last night. Cici said it best: "Man, this is hardcore!" Also, I am not used to their incorporation of K-Pop in their salsa dancing.

The place is a little underground club in Seomyeon called Latino. I had a blast.

They call it line dancing, which makes me think of hoedowns. It is not country at all. Also, I love that the men totally get into it. Unabashedly shaking their shoulders and hips all sexy.


Jared said...

NICE! that looks like a nice club.
i really hate most the clubs here, lame vibe and assholes everywhere :(

that girl said...

Really? I've only been to two places but I liked Rocapulcco. But I had Dan there most times so I rarely dealt with assholes.

The downside to this club was it was really small.

Jared said...

there are a few that play good music and have a nice vibe. but ive been to a bunch that are kinda lame.
Delirium in the mission is my latest fav, i go there with big groups and we take over the dace floor in the back. they place some really fun wide rage music. oh and Brunos on some nights. both clubs play some really fun old skool stuff :D i eat that shit up. oddly both have small dace floors too but there still good.

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