Sunday, February 13, 2011

bexco 3D art

We went to BEXCO for a 3D art exhibit. Basically it's just multiple opportunities to pose and get some funny pictures. I must have assimilated into Korean culture because I found this to be immensely fun.

This isn't even half of the pictures we took. Just wish we had more time and space to plan out the shots, the venue was swarming with people. My favorite was the giant T-Rex.


Jared said...

NICE!!!! damn that looks like fun! posing in silly photos is half the reason i go out or drink anymore :P sometimes i like to try and out stupid the last stupid face i made :P

!freaking great kick by the way!

and where is the giant T-Rex photo?!?!

that girl said...

Ugh I had to choose between posting a ton of pictures or making this blog visually appealing. Haha. Curse you facebook-free life!!

Jared said...

hehe, its just like Jell-O, there's always room or one more ;D

Erica said...

that looked like a really good time!!!

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