Wednesday, September 8, 2010

i've got pneumonia

And all I think about is Stewie saying, "Jim Henson had a wait-and-see attitude and now we've got wrong sounding MUPPETS!"

Well, I've had my first CT scan ever in Korea! The tech didn't speak a word of English, but if you ever need it done here's what to do: hop on, put your arms over your head and don't move. Luckily it was one of those open scanners, not a dark-holy-crap-get-me-out-tunnel. They say something in Korean, but above you is an icon of a green smiling face. It's ok to breathe! But when it turns to yellow with puffy cheeks, hold your breath! I'd draw it but my arm's sore from the iv drip I had to have for three hours. :S

LIFE! You can keep on throwing shit-balls at me! WHAT THE HELL EVER. I'm gonna complain about how you ruined my favorite outfit but then I'm going to go scrub off and buy a new set of duds! I've survived so far! SO EFF OFF!


Jared said...

hehe fun song, thought you may like it ;)

remember to keep kicking ass's and take names!!!

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