Friday, September 3, 2010


Tonight J.J. and I shot off fireworks at Gwangalli beach. I still have the soot on my face.

We've got a weird friendship going on. It's one part flirting and mostly ragging on each other.

He was shocked to hear that I took his advice so personally. What can I say? Sometimes a woman needs to be slapped with reason.

I've never had relationships like this in the States, he's not the kind of character I keep around in my life. But Korea apparently makes you dire for company, or maybe it makes you expand your views on people?

So it's an odd friendship, but I value it all the same. We can still have meaningful talks. And that's something.

Also, 6 month anniversary Korea! Woop woop! I realize that I am lucky; now when I am in a cab I can hold a conversation with the driver and get home quite quickly. Oh, it seems like it was yesterday that Tina and I were just looking at each other in the cab and going "WHAAAAT?" to each other as the ajoshi went off in Korean... Also,I get home quite quickly when I'm by myself. I never get taken advantage of like when I'm with other foreigners.

Ah, Korea.


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