Friday, September 17, 2010

from my kids

Haha! How about doing that in class? No, actually she's one of the brightest.

I don't like posting my real name on the internet, which I happen to go by in school.

They gave me gifts too.

Guess what the gifts were?

Used pencils and erasers!! OMG it was hilarious and cute.

This was from my coworkers. And yes, they are officially totally awesome.

My parents mailed me a get-well package. OMG CHEF BOYARDEE!!!! It made me so happy, you have no idea. I don't quite understand why my parents mailed me RAMEN.... when I live in KOREA. Ah, oh well. I kind of missed that weird chicken flavour.

Also, I have decided that people that cause you a great deal of pain... the kind from lies and dirty deceit... the ones that you trusted and truly cared for-- they don't deserve to live on in your memory. People like that should and will be wiped from memory. ONWARD HO!


Jared said...

awww! your kids are soooo freaking cute :D

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