Wednesday, September 22, 2010


It's Korean Thanksgiving time (called Chuseok) and I've got three whole days off!

On Monday all my kids came dressed in hanboks and we held some traditional activities.

This is why I love Jessica.

Pretty much sums up David everyday...

Spitfire Lucy.

We are getting dressed!

Making songpyeon or 송편.

I feel like this is a 'BFD!!' face.

The outtake picture.

He said, "HEY-LOW!"

Time for the traditions to start!

Like a giant ring-a-round-the-roses.

I missed it when Kelly's face was like, "Huh? What are we doing?" Which is pretty much how she always looks like.

Love it when Alice laughs.

Everybody bow now!!!

A roomful of bowing Korean children is the most adorable thing I have ever seen.

So we had to teach them the proper way to bow. YES. THE FOREIGN TEACHERS HAD TO TEACH THIS.

Girls are watching.

The boys way of bowing.

So we taught the girls. Yeah, Thai bowing I know, but Korean bowing? I had no idea. But it is way more involved and less fun.

Lucy's got a death grip.

Happy Chuseok!


Jared said...

haha nice! tho outfits look fun, and ones again cuuuuuuuute kids :P

Happy Chuseok!

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