Tuesday, March 8, 2011

recoup regroup

Greetings from hot and somewhat sunny Thailand! I am currently enjoying this drastic temperature change from cold, windy Korea... but I admit I fell prey to a cold right before leaving so I am still recovering.

My belly is full of delicious Thai foods and fruits... so full, in fact, I took a look in the mirror today and said to myself: Woah! I have to cut back on the sticky rice!

I have no updates as of right now. I've got a ticket back to Korea on March 31st. My job still hasn't booked my ticket back home, so I feel like I'm in limbo a little. Well, I do plan on taking a Thai cooking course in beautiful beachfront Samui, maybe do a little Muay Thai or go up north to Chang Mai. I don't know! Trying to get these good vibes going!

Don't be down, don't be down, don't be down!

And hey, my Thai is coming back to me! I'm thinking in Korean less and less by day! (I think)


Jared said...

Muay Thai!! Muay Thai!!! haha that would be so awesome, and kinda hot.
dude i wish i was in limbo in Thailand eating awesome food!
your life seems really fun and existing your a lucky girl, no reason to be down at all ;)

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