Monday, March 28, 2011

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I'm back after a week in Chiang Mai and another in Samui. Samui was kind of a bust; it rained and I'm just not a big beach person. Chiang Mai - Oh I loooooooved it. Gonna get right on posting about it, I might just do several posts tomorrow since I leave Thailand Wednesday night. Erk.

It's a strange, cold day here in Bangkok. Yeah, that's right-- COLD. Never thought I'd say that about Thailand. Especially since the hot season is almost upon us.

So I wanted to run a little poll by any and all who have been reading my little blog. It's called where should that girl go next? Haha. But seriously, I'm feeling like I always do: lost, lost, lost. So it's back to Busan and then they have booked me a flight back to America which I cannot get a refund on, unfortunately.

I have been contemplating on living in Korea again. Lord knows it had its trials but I made it through them, to a point where I'm comfortable with the country. And the money's good.
But hell, it's Korea. Where life can get stagnant and decent people are hard to come by. Know how many good people I got out of living there for a year? 4. Just 4. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful that we even met at all and life should be quality over quantity, but this ratio gets depressing during those aforementioned stagnant periods!

I went about applying to schools in Thailand too. I actually finally got some responses. It would be nice to live in the country to connect more with my family. The weather is super agreeable! The food is to die for! And I love traveling around it!
But the money's not as good, let's not lie. And I met with enough hippies in Chiang Mai to know what I'd be getting into with making friends here. (But maybe better them than the die-hard drunks in Korea, hm?) Plus I don't fit in. Whiiiiiite skiiiiiiin. And whenever you see a white guy here, my automatic thought is: PERVERT. You watch, that second Hangover movie is going to come out and there's going to be an onslaught of them.

I met some interesting people in Chiang Mai that got me thinking too. This girl and her boyfriend/fiancee lived in India for two months. She was learning how to teach Yoga from a more meditative viewpoint. Before that they lived in London where he was teaching students how to cook. Why not go study abroad for a month or two?

And I have this dream of going to Tibet for some reason. I mean, I think India might be out of the question for me at this current time. I lack the 'balls' to be there on my own. My friend Sala went there and warned me its not for the faint in heart. (I am so faint of heart.) But hey, I'd go back to Bali and study how to teach yoga. And before the Korea ball started rolling last year I was planning on going to Costa Rica to teach English for a couple months.

Any input, dear ones?


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