Saturday, March 12, 2011

going away

I'm off to Ko Samui tomorrow. Before I go, I leave you with the photos from my going away/birthday party.

We ate delicious jim ddak in Seomyeon. My favorite Korean food ever!

We went to an arcade after to play some awesome games. This kid watched me play skeeball the whole time. A little awkward, kid.

We rode a 3D ride.

We found the best Noraebang above the arcade. I don't know the name, but the interior is like Mayan/Cambodian influenced. There was an incident when we got off the elevator, I thought we found a sex motel and we tried to run but the guy ran after us and stopped our elevator... Haha! I shall draw it sometime.It is mighty awesome noraebang, plus their song selection was more recent than any other place I've seen. I'm on a boat!

Happy cup says Drink Me!

Ended the night kinda bruised; fell down on my rendition of Singing in the Rain.


Jared said...

looked like a fun going away party/ love that song im sure you rocked it :)

you mite know this already, but i found out the creators of Mystery Science Theater have a new online show where they make fun of new movies.
you can look them up on youtube as well for free watches.

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