Thursday, October 21, 2010

sunny the future korean bellydancer

This is Sunny from my Seed class (they are 4 years-old.) Her names suits her perfectly. She's always been the bubbliest and most willing to speak English.

For months she's been telling me "belly dancing" at odd occasions. And at first I always assumed she was mispronouncing "ballet" or "ballerina" because, let's face it, most little girls want to be ballerinas.

But today I go and find her drawing a picture on the white board after class and I ask her what it is. And she tells me belly dancing. So I go, "Oh Sunny, are you going to be a ballerina for the Halloween party next week?" And she goes "belly dancing" again. I say, "Belly dancing?"

At that moment Sunny spreads out her arms, waves them around and starts shimmying her hips side to side and sings, "Bellllllyyyyyyy daaaaancing!"

I just about died laughing. I relay this to my co-teacher and she tells me, "Yeah.... Sunny tells me she wants to be a bellydancer when she grows up." XD


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