Thursday, February 11, 2010

sketch dump

Here are the only decent sketches from 2009. It's all about 2010, baby.

This is a sketch from Angkor Wat. I really didn't have enough time to sit and draw due to certain unavoidable factors. 1. I was traveling with my friend and 2. it was the peak of the hot season. And finding a solitary place just to sketch in that area is very near impossible between the beggars and tourists.

Here is a sketch of a girl in a story I'm trying to put together. She's based of this very pretty girl I saw eating by herself while I was in Pattaya, Thailand.

I really want her nautilus shell necklace.


Jared said...

WOOT! bravo! these are good!
i really like the girl character form Pattaya, fun design and i like the hair :) the woman lessening to music is well done to! i look forward to seeing more of these!

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