Friday, February 5, 2010

fleeting moments that resonate

Back during my first year of college I was in a fashion show during my second quarter. I was such a young, scared little thing and I had no idea how to even sew yet, let alone create and model a dress for a show that was being held in a hotel.

But that's not the point of today's vignette. Today is a day where I am remembering life's fleeting moments that for some reason still have some significance to your life.

I can't think why I've continued to remember this moment. It was inconsequential, yet I still hold onto its only memento.

We were getting our hair and make-up done when I spotted this gorgeous model across the room. I can say she was beautiful, and in the true sense, not because she adhered to print media's standards of beauty. So I kept stealing glances at her for some reason. I couldn't really help it, which made it harder in some way to not look at her. She caught my eye once or twice which really made me feel like I was staring at her, when in hindsight I probably was just glancing her way every now and again.

There was a bustle and frantic energy building up in the room, and finally it was showtime. We made it through all right, in avant garde hair and makeup, parading up and down the runway.

Afterwards, imagine my shock as the girl that I had spotted before came up to me after the show and began a conversation. I can't even remember what it was about now, but I just remember being so starstruck by her. She really was pretty.

At one point she lamented having to walk and catch the bus looking like we did, because the make-up team had plastered us with outlandish make-up. I had thought ahead and brought some make-up remover, and I offered her some. She took it gratefully.

She gave it back when she was done, and we laughed because what had been a full bottle was now nearly completed. It had taken that much to remove what had been caked on our faces.

We parted ways and we never met again. I can't even remember what she looks like anymore.

But I still have that bottle.
Maybe I always will.
I can't even imagine why this is such a soft moment for me to feel so strongly for but, it does.



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