Monday, January 17, 2011

2011 and so long 2010 -- also in memoriam to my uncle

Whew, this post is very late and I apologize. I didn't want to start blogging until I covered this. I went to Japan and Micronesia for Christmas and New Year's, and it was an incredible way to end and start a year.

While in Guam I opened a letter I wrote to myself six months ago. It's quite an enjoyable mini-time capsule experiment. Well, my response to my past self is mostly personal, but what I can share with everyone is this:

2010 saw a great, many changes. There were many new experiences and people, some bad, but some were also very great! Actually, there were far more fun and memorable people than anything else! And I do not regret moving to Korea at all. I love my kids and my apartment, I love that I supported myself, and I love that in one year I was able to see 4 countries. That isn't a bad year at all.

2011 I want to be just as great, if just a tad bit more laid back and drama-free. It already seems so.

However, with a great sadness I report that I have just learned about the passing of a dear uncle of mine. He will not be able to listen to the stories I have of my year abroad, and I regret not being able to say good-bye. He was kind and generous and I truly miss him. The most moving thing he ever did was dedicate a part of my sister's wedding toast to me, saying he was proud of who I grew up to be. In either case, I will dedicate this post in his honor. I will continue on my journey and hope to have made him proud.



Jared said...

Happy New Year!!!
WOOT! for the good year,
sorry for your lost *hug* but sounds like you got some great memory's of him to keep with you :)

christopher said...

i know how you feel,i just lost my cousin this past January =/

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