Thursday, June 28, 2012

where have i been

Ooo I know, I know. I went MIA. Let's blame my quarter-life crisis that began over a year ago and never stopped.

I'm going through a career change as well. I'm in the percentage of Americans that is underemployed and either way overqualified for poor jobs or under-qualified for the career jobs that I desperately want.

So for now looking for work. Hasn't gone well so I am choosing to take the time to start my own business. I have been working on my new web site but it has taken months because of coding. It's like I hit a brick wall in my brain every time I want to get it online. BUT! This also means I am moving my blog to my own server. Good-bye Blogger! Hello WordPress (Which is the reason why my blog still isn't online. Oh, this is a head-ache.)

It's not ready yet, but follow me on Twitter for some updates! I'm @chalacharlie


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