Thursday, August 5, 2010

boy's night out

It is extremely difficult being the only female on a boy's night out. I am completely unaccustomed to such crassness. Ugh, sometimes I wish they'd remember was a girl and treat me like it, but I came along of my own free will! So if I hated it I could have left.

But I think it's worth getting out of my comfort zone and doing some male bonding (within reason). I've got a new perspective and understanding on the male species.

J.J*.... you are a huge asshole. And you totally admit it. But I like your honesty. It's brutal. And it's coming from a scumbag, yet I still respect it. Your ex advice was really sound. Thanks man. I never looked at things the way J.J. did.

And thanks P. and Hat. I'm really sad you're leaving P. P gave me a great pep talk. Also, he offered to punch someone's face in. You're aces, kid. The best Brit I've met, nay, will ever meet. You guys were worth the slight hangover at work today.

*names have been changed, like always


Erica said...

im glad that u finally encountered that...guys nights are always a good time

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