Friday, June 4, 2010

phew let's take a break from miss emo and talk about miss titty

Ah, contrary to latest posts, my life is actually quite enjoyable. We all need a mechanism to cope, mine just happens to be typing on a computer. But hey, at least I'm not drowning my sorrows in copious amounts of booze and vices.

What's really pulling me through right now are the kids. They've been really trying, but God help me I can't help but love the little buggers. Ah, I'm going to sound like one of those moms that obsess over every thing their child does. But I have over 20 instead of one!

It's been hot here in Busan (finally) and I work a sleeveless t-shirt to work because, let's face it, it gets stuffy packed in a room with hyper kids. I teach one class of second grade girls science on Fridays, and today Ruby tells me, "Teacher.... you have titties!"

And my jaw just dropped. WTF. A million things cross your mind at that point, "Where did she learn that?" "Does she know what that means" "Do I laugh?" "Do I yell?"

So I just cross my arms and say, "Don't look!!!"
Caught her! She blushes and goes, "I don't look!!" Very embarrassed. Ahahahah!!!! And yeah... today I've actually been groped by a lot of students. Boys AND girls. The hell? Like Jenny just reached up and honked 'em. Woah. But then I just have to laugh.

And in another science class I taught the students about optical illusions. This class is more of a beginning English class so it was more challenging BUT-- what made it awesome is that I taught all the students to say 'illlllluuuuuuuusion' like Gob does from Arrested Development. Fuck yeah.

And one day, when you run into a Korean that says 'illlluuuuuuuusion' and then breaks into 'Final Countdown' you can thank me. THANK ME.


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