Tuesday, March 30, 2010

things that are makin' me feel good

This little treat is something I won after a night out here in Korea. I (lacking sobriety) stumbled upon a little cart that had number tiles and a board and a ton of these confections. I paid 1,000 won and slid some tiles around, pulled out a piece of paper and I won! This thing looked so cute when I got it, but alas, it tastes like burnt sugar.

And today at work was kinda crappy, but I'm making progress in my attempt to assimilate! I picked up some fresh strawberries and apples from the ajumma (lady vendor) on the street outside my apartment, which is sooooo better of a deal than going to the grocery store.

I'm looking forward to some baked apples and some Laughing Cow cheese with these strawberries!


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